Sunday, June 08, 2008

Poster for der Changemaker

Perhaps the Maximum Leader missed this one from Michelle Malikn? I would copy it here, but the little animated GIF thingy does not come through the copy process.

God forbid anyone assume I am an Obama worshipper. I mean supporter.


The Maximum Leader said...

I had seen this one. It is okay, but the snob one caused me to crack a wide smile. It spoke to me.

Polymath said...

Yes, the snob one is better. BTW, I am worried about Smallolder - he seems to be taking the Obama kool-aid in a Big Gulp cup.

The Maximum Leader said...

Really. Smallholder drinking the Obama kook-aid. Humm... One wonders if he would have drunk the Jimmy Carter kook-aid when it was offered in 1976?

It is all the "he can transform America" and the "he provides a good role model" stuff isn't it?

Polymath said...

He maintains that Obama is a moderate, based on what is written in Obama's book. I have pointed out Obama's Marxist bent, to no avail.

I personally think Obama is a dim bulb who has an extraordinary ability to deliver a prepared speech in a charismatic fashion.

I despair for our children's future should he become president.