Tuesday, July 22, 2008

VDOT Dummies

The road I live by is considered "rural."

When VDOT puts down a new road surface, why do they not fill in the holes before applying said surface? One month later, all the holes have shed the new tar-and-chip stuff, and have become relatively deeper than before.

When VDOT breaks out the bush hogs and sicklebars, why will they cut 20 feet from the side of the road (outside of the right-of-way) to get redbuds and blackberries, but a locust or poplar in the right-of-way or overhanging the road with less than 8' of clearance is completely overlooked?

Like most government operations, VDOT must be populated with workers whose intelligence is on level with a retarded monkey.
NOTE: The image above is (probably) not from my road.

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