Friday, July 18, 2008

What the Heller

Dick Heller, the man in Heller v. D.C., has been denied a permit for his pistol.

Because his pistol is "bottom-loading," it is considered analogous to a machine gun. Last time I looked, virtually all semi-automatic pistols are "bottom-loaders." An auto-loader is nothing new, and is surely not a machine gun. Many people have auto-loaders for self defense in their homes. In Justice Scalia's words, these are "the sorts of lawful weapons that they possessed at home." Would Heller's permit be issued if he had a wheel gun (that's a revolver) instead? One round from a .454 Cassul would definitely ruin anyone's day faster than 7 little 9mm paras. But then D.C. would probably classify it along with medium sized artillery pieces.

The District, smacked in the face with the constitution, wants to use every regulatory loophole in its arsenal to create a de facto gun ban. Isn't this just sour grapes? Really, to classify an auto-loader as something akin to a M249 SAW is ridiculous. Heller's quasi-machine gun, interestingly, only holds 7 rounds in its "clip," 3 rounds less than what was permitted under the Clinton gun ban.

The closing of the above article at Hot Air hits squarely on the mark:

Exit question: How many millions of dollars in litigation expenses will it cost the District to fight, and lose, the next round of lawsuits instead of complying with the Court’s decision now in good faith?

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