Sunday, August 17, 2008

der Changemaker at Harvard

I met a man yesterday who attended Harvard at the same time as Barry Obama. He was intelligent and well-spoken, so I will take him at his word.

Our conversation began when he noticed my anti-Obama t-shirt which states: "Chump change we can believe in." We spoke for about 20 minutes on conservative issues, the fallacy of leftist ideology, and Obama's presentation as a messianic figure (minus the substance, of course).

I mentioned to Michael (the man with whom I was speaking) that as the president of the Harvard Law Review, Obama should have had his pick of countless excellent opportunities for a newly minted J.D., including clerk for an U.S. Supreme Court justice. Obama chose instead to become a "community organizer" in Chicago. Michael asked, "Do you know how many articles Obama wrote for Law Review? Zero. Usually, the editor will write at least one, but Obama wrote none. Not one."

Michael's sons came over to where we were speaking, and chuckled at my shirt. Michael asked them, "What do we call Obama at our house?" They both laughed sheepishly and said, "The Antichrist." Of course they were joking, but if the shoe fits...

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