Saturday, August 02, 2008

Pelosi Politburo

When you run out of the room, hitting the light switch as you exit, you know that your position is weak and wrong.

This is a real example of how the Man (big government leftist Democrats) wants to keep us down. This is not about the Holy Environment. It is simply about power and control. The enemy (yes, I called them the enemy) wants to keep us ignorant and docile. We are easier to control that way. Energy policy clearly needs to be debated and resolved.

A commentor at Hot Air has referred to the House Republicans who are holding their own session during recess as "Spartans." I can only wish that more conservatives held to the Spartan code: "No retreat, no surrender, no prisoners, no mercy." When justice and righteousness are on the line, there is no other code to follow. I am reminded of the Spartan mother's admonition to her son, about to march to his first battle: "Return with your shield, or on it."

Here is cell-phone video about the Republican "special session":

I am calling out my representative, Congressman Virgil Goode, to get back to D.C. and stand with the rest of those who are not afraid to do what is right.

Should he choose to do so, the President has Constitutional authority under Article II, Section 3 to call the House back into session. It is high noon, Mr. President.

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