Sunday, October 26, 2008

Note to a Senator

Here is the text of a note (regarding the so-called "bailout") I wrote to Senator Jim Webb of Virginia:

Honorable Sir:

Voting for an unconstitutional bill because it is "the only possible opportunity that will be offered in the Congress this year" is not only wrong, it is foolish and immoral.

"The bill we approved tonight bears no resemblance to the hastily-written and woefully inadequate bill that the Bush administration proposed to Congress less than two weeks ago." Correctly stated. It is now larded with pork.

"These provisions will help to restore taxpayer confidence in our financial system and ease the credit crunch that threatens economic growth." Government created this so-called credit crunch, as you are well aware. What we have is not a lack of confidence in the market, but in government.

Your lack of understanding, nay, blatant ignorance of enumerated powers (Article I, Section 8) is startling.


[My Name]

I received his reply 3 days ago. One might think such a note would generate a response, even if it was a form letter, addressing my specific concerns. However, Senator Webb sent only a generic form letter worded in a manner which could be used whether the corresponding individual agreed with Webb or not. Heaven forbid a constituent actually reads the Constitution and expects his representatives to uphold it.

He has earned the nickname "Melonhead."

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