Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An Open Message to Obama Voters (Updated)

No silly pictures, no snarky commentary.

When you put Obama into office, and he enacts his plans, economic and otherwise, who will be left to create the wealth to be spread around? Are you aware of what you are doing? When the "economically advantaged" have their wealth confiscated, the well will eventually run dry. Who has the right to demand a share of their neighbor's treasure?

Why do you believe an honorable man has ill intentions for our country? Why do you believe a man with a thin curriculum vitae and troubling personal and political allies would make a better president?

Why would an America-hating terrorist, a racist anti-semite preacher, a crooked real estate investor, and a pro-Palestinian thug want to be friends with someone running for president?

How can someone who has expressed his contempt for the Constitution swear to uphold the same?

Do you want to be responsible for yourself and your family? Or do you need a government nanny to old your hand and guide your every step?

Do you want higher prices, reduced economic opportunities, and a dependency on the benevolence of foreign nations? Do you want to keep your own retirement investments, or are you willing to hand it all over to the government to administer?

While I find his service and dedication to the United States unimpeachable, I am not happy with John McCain as the candidate on the republican ticket. I have serious issues with many of his positions, i.e. McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy, etc. (has Senator Obama ever put his name on a significant piece of legislation?). The alternative, however, is unacceptable.

Think of your future. Think of your children's future. Look deep inside yourself and ask, do I want to condemn my family to oppression, tyranny, and darkness? You don't have to tell your friends you voted for McCain. No one will know. Just express your surprise at Obama's defeat.

It is time to do the right thing.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention National Defense. Could Senator Obama withstand an investigation for a Top Secret security clearance? It would not be conducted by the media. Senator Obama wants to pull all of our troops out of Iraq regardless of whether or not victory has been achieved. And let us not forget Senator Biden's comments that the world will "test" an Obama presidency - "Mark my words!"

An Obama presidency will mean a reduction in our military strength, both in numbers and dollars. What will happen when China invades Taiwan (or one of its neighboring "stans"), Russia (re)invades Georgia, or Iran launches an offensive against Israel? Iran, or anyone else with a rudimentary navy, could lob a few missiles our way from a ship. The North Koreans have been working for years on a long-range missile. It could be possible for them to reach our left coast without leaving home. Senator Obama says he will not "weaponize space." He means he is against missile defense.

Another economic point - when someone who has no income tax liability is handed a check from the government, it is called welfare. Calling it a "payroll tax rebate," or a rebate on medicare and social security, is intellectually dishonest. Tax liability should be fair. Why should just the lower income people receive a tax "rebate" at the expense of everyone else? And the idea of a "progressive" tax rate comes straight out of Marx. Higher income earners contribute the lion's share of tax revenue. Lower income earners contribute just a tiny percentage of taxes. This is not disputable. If you do not believe me, go look up the statistics for yourself.

Senator Obama has proposed over $1 TRILLION in new spending. When nearly half of all income earners have NO TAX LIABILITY, where will the money come from to pay their "rebate," let alone all of the new and existing government spending? Senator Obama answers with obfuscation and subterfuge.

Not convinced? Read Pete DuPont's "The Europeanization of America" at the Wall Street Journal. (Thanks to the Maximum Leader)

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