Monday, January 19, 2009

Black Hearted Glee!

You won't have George Bush to kick around any more...

That being said, I recently re-read an old post regarding the future presidency of Barry Obama by the Maximum Leader. The whole thing is worth a review, but here are the naughty bits:

You see… What is making your Maximum Leader so happy is that he will get tremendous joy when reality sets in and the dreams and aspirations of countless millions of his countrymen will be inevitably crushed. Crushed like bones through a grinder. Dreams ground down into a bitter powder and then swallowed without the benefit of water.

Oh yes… It will be glorious.

*snicker* The Maximum Leader paints such a picture!

So let us say that Barack Obama becomes President. Over the first term (and who knows – perhaps two terms) of his presidency he becomes more and more ordinary. He becomes less transformative and more lackluster. He tries to fight the system, but the system eats people who try to fight it. The system hates hopefulness and it crushes your spirit to carry on. Slowly, oh so slowly, Barack Obama’s reality stops conforming to his rhetoric. And slowly, oh so slowly, the seeds of dreams he’s planting in the hearts and minds of so many become choked by the weeds of reality. The dream slowly dies and the youthful optimism that grew along with it dies just as surely.

And your Maximum Leader will laugh and laugh and laugh as it happens.

I shall be laughing also. Why not?


Just thought I would get some laughter in early. JOY!

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