Thursday, January 29, 2009

Congressman Tom Perriello, D-VA: TYRANT.

Congressman Tom Perriello, who recently defeated incumbent Republican Virgil Goode, has thrown in with the socialist Democrat Party Bloc in the House of Representatives to vote against liberty.

Consider the following from Mr. Perriello: "The vast majority of this bill goes directly to tax relief and support to our state and local governments without any federal earmarks." This bill is loaded with earmarks for everything from condoms to condors. Another gem: "Where before we saw the federal government trying to control everything, this time we see an unprecedented partnership with state and local officials to get this economy turned around." If the federal government is not making earmarks or directing the spending, how is there any sense of partnership with the states? I submit that this bill is the opposite from Mr. Periello's representation: It is a power grab by the federal government, from the People and the Several States. Here is the closing paragraph from his press statement:

Perriello and his staff have met with all 5th District county administrators and city managers, as well as many mayors and members of Boards of Supervisors, to get their “wish lists” of projects to be funded. He will be working closely with Gov. Kaine’s office to ensure the 5th District gets strong representation in state funding decisions.

Let's spread the graft around to our leftist buddies! To be sure, Republicans have been dirty, just not at the expense of freedom. Perriello now shows the leftist stripe I knew was always there.

Thankfully, there was not one Republican vote in favor of H.1; eleven brave Democrats defected and voted against as well. Dear Leader President Obama, the Unifier, has unified something at last: Opposition to his dream of a socialist utopia. Bi-partisan opposition, at that!

I predict Mr. Perriello's term in office will be brief.


Anonymous said...

Indeed,the distinguished 5th Dist. Rep is a shill, in someone's pocket, he does not care if he gets re-elected,his work willbe done,and he will be rewarded.

Anonymous said...

Periello is a shill, he does not care if he gets re-elected, his job will be done, and he will be rewarded. He only got in on a straight ticket vote, by .23%.