Monday, January 12, 2009

Death to Hamas

I occasionally listen to "Sirius Left" on the weekends; it is a channel populated with so-called "progressive" talk programs. Hosts include Thom Hartman, Lynne Samuels, Ed Schultz, and Dave Marsh.

Dave Marsh, a former music writer for Rolling Stone, has a program euphemistically titled "Live from the Land of Hope and Dreams." During yesterday's program, Marsh continually excused the behavior of the Iran-sponsored Palestinian terror group, Hamas. To wit: The Palestinians are oppressed by Israel, and continued "illegal" presence in the occupied territories has pressured the Palestinians to retaliate with "home-made" rockets, which is justified because Israel is trying to starve out and murder the Palestinians.

Mr. Marsh forgets that Gaza and the west bank were territories that Israel won control of through defensive warfare. Now, instead of neighboring governments taking pot shots at Israel, people in the "occupied territories," sponsored by Iran, are sucker-punching Israel in an attempt to provoke the very response that Israel is now givng them. They want their people to be killed by Israel because of their warped sense of purpose. And their willing accomplicies, the useful idiots of the mainstrem media, are all too happy to go along with them. John at Powerline Blog has written on just this subject. From the post's introduction:
It is commonly said that by storing weapons in mosques and firing rockets and mortars from residential areas and school yards, Hamas is using human shields in Gaza, a war crime. But the truth is really worse than that. Hamas doesn't endanger civilians in hopes that it will deter retaliation; it does so in the hope and expectation that civilians will be killed and wounded.

This tactic is part of a larger strategy to create tragedy and disaster, which the Palestinians have developed into something akin to an industrial process. They build tunnels, but they do not build bomb shelters. They do not, apparently, suspend classes in schools in the midst of bombardments. And Hamas, with the tolerance if not approval of most Gazans, uses schoolyards as launching zones for rockets and mortars. Think about it: is there anything about a schoolyard that makes it a particularly desirable place from which to fire ordnance? No. Hamas uses schools (and mosques, and residential areas generally) in this way in the hope that civilians, especially children, will be killed.

News service photographers play a key role in the production of civilian casualties. If the casualties were not documented in graphic fashion, they would not be an effective tool to stir up hatred against Israel and sympathy for the hapless Palestinians. Accordingly, the job of the news photographer is to be on the spot when tragedy strikes so that, within days if not hours, the images of Palestinian suffering thus captured can be reproduced on placards in anti-Israel rallies around the world.

Please read the whole article, but be warned: There are graphic images of "victims."

The dum-dum rockets which Hamas are using are better, but not much better, than home-made "beer can" rockets, as Mr. Marsh glibly called them. They use Qassam and Katyusha rockets, in addition to mortars. Hamas launches these things indiscriminately, and without guidance, into populated areas in order to terrorize Israelis. When Israel retaliates, they are very careful in selecting targets and executing their plans in order to minimize non-combatant casualties. Not long ago, Israel warned the owner of a building which was being used as a launch site by Hamas that an attack was imminent. Instead of complying and evacuating the building, he called Hamas. Hamas sent women carrying babies to the roof of the building.

Nothing more needs to be said.

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