Friday, January 02, 2009

Iraq War Ends In Time for Coronation

What if they ended a war and nobody noticed? The Washington Post reports the war in Iraq has ended, after a fashion:

For anyone returning to Baghdad after spending time here during its darkest days two years ago, when it was paralyzed by sectarian hatred and overrun by gunmen sowing despair, the conclusion seemed inescapable.

"The war has ended," said Heidar al-Abboudi, a street merchant.

The war in Iraq is indeed over, at least the conflict as it was understood during its first five years: insurgency, communal cleansing, gangland turf battles and an anarchic, often futile quest to survive.

According to the Post, even with the war over, life still sucks in Iraq:
Baghdad feels much as southern Lebanon did after an asymmetrical war there in 2006, between Israel and Hezbollah, the Shiite Muslim movement that fought Israel to a draw. Survivors rose from the rubble of their homes, offices and stores with the satisfied smile of survival -- in war, its own victory. Then they beheld the destruction the fighting had wrought around them. Their faces turned grim as they realized the task at hand.

Would living under a ruthless, murdering bastard of a dictator like Saddam be favorable to a chance, however small, to life as a free people?

Luckily for Obama, this war is over. He has George Bush and General Petraeus to thank for removing the problem from his administration's responsibility. Hopefully, He will handle the mop-up and withdrawal with the same ease that brought Him to the presidency.

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