Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Shot Wad in November - Notes on the Inauguration

I have seen more energy at a funeral. And in a way, that is what President Obama's inauguration represents. The inauguration of socialism begins the death of liberty. Obama's speech sounded much like his campaign rhetoric. There was no inspiring moment, only the promise of hard work in hard times. Never mind that the situation was the virtual single-handed work of expanding government.

The whole event seemed to be an anti-climax.

The poem was another disjointed, nearly incomprehensible mish-mash amalgamation of something or other with a "boom-box" tossed in for good measure. The poet, Elizabeth Alexander, has a magic vagina (via Michelle Malkin).

The musical arrangement only added to the deathly pallor.

The benediction, by Reverend Joseph Lowery, showed the racial double standard of the left (my italics):
“We ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to give back, when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, man, and when white will embrace what is right.
The crowd did not know how to respond to the various points one would expect in the speech. Or for the rest of the event, for that matter. Where were the sweaty, excited, enthusiastic people anticipating political coitus that we witnessed at Obama's acceptance speech?

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