Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Everyone at our humble home has been assaulted by whatever strange bug one of us has picked up. Fever, aches, cough, and general lack of energy have been the norm for nearly a week.

I have never felt like a zombie before.

I have been fever-free now for two days, and I pray for a clean break from this nasty bug.

By the by, President Obama gets, as usual, an A for delivery, and an F for content. Governor Jindal, C and A, respectively.

I was waiting for Nancy Pelosi's arms to break off at the elbows. With all the wild flailing, she nearly knocked herself out a few times. Biden looked like he needed a buzzer in his chair to rem ind him to stand at the applause lines.


smallholder said...


You know I love ya, but now that you have confirmed zombiefication, I'll have to visit with the 307. It's the only way.

Polymath said...

Not until I use my growing undead powers to kill the Zombie leader...