Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"He's Really a Moderate..."

When, during the presidential campaign, I referred to then-Senator Obama as a "Marxist" or "Socialist," I was accused of using extreme language. The same was said about my reference to Obama supporters being "useful idiots."

Just read his books, you'll see. He's not so bad. He's really a moderate. He's just like Reagan. Or Lincoln, even.

Did Reagan (or Lincoln) out-spend all other presidents in his first couple of months? Did Reagan want to grow the government? Did Reagan think that more government was always the answer to any national problem?

Do you take offense to President Obama being called a "Marxist" or "Socialist?" Consider the following: Did you ever think that a President of the United States would have the unmitigated gall to fire the C.E.O. of a major corporation? Did you ever think that the President would call for the conscription of your children into involuntary servitude? And what about the continuing bailouts?

President Obama, if he cannot be pigeonholed as a "Marxist," "Socialist," or whatever, can rightly be called a statist. Government, and its debt, have grown and will continue to grow exponentially in size and scope under Obama, and will continue long after he is gone. His useful idiots, who excuse and enable his behavior and the behavior of the left, are therefore guilty of statolatry.

And you thought W was bad.


godzulu said...

Where can I get the Maobama T-shirts? Thanks

Polymath said...

MikeChurch.com has all sorts of anti-Obama, pro-America gear.

Mike Church hosts a talk program on Sirius 144 from 9 to noon eastern. If you don't get Sirius, I believe they give you a short trial period to listen to the programs over the interwebs at Sirius.com

Thanks for the comment.