Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Triumph of the American Way

When one considers the technological innovations and entrepreneurial spirit on daily display in the United States, one can not help but be amazed. Thanks to free enterprise, our lower class enjoy a standard of living that exceeds that of a person of moderate means in any other country.

Our poor have cars, televisions, air conditioning, refrigerators, quality health care, portable telephones, and access to clean, inexpensive food.

Only in America would a woman call 911 three times because McDonald's ran out of Chicken McNuggets.

Before I am accused of racism, I am in no way implying that Ms. Goodman is poor because she happens to be black. Ms. Goodman is most likely poor because she is an uneducated idiot. Let Ms. Goodman explain in her own words:

"When you feel that you've been mistreated or misused or robbed out of your money, you have the right to call 911," Goodman said. "That's the purpose of 911, so I thought."

Indeed. Maybe I should call 911 about our tax bill...

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