Sunday, May 31, 2009

Leaked Memo

Talking Points on Sotomayor for Caucus:
  • We must filibuster Sonya Sotomayor's nomination. She is clearly an intelligent jurist, but being a Supreme Court Justice requires more. She must demonstrate her commitment to core constitutional values, and she has to prove she has the ability to be fair and impartial. By design, we know very little about Ms. Sotomayor, but the burden is on her to prove to us that she is fit for a life-time appointment. She simply hasn't done that.
  • She has serious temperament problems. Her rulings have often been overturned by higher courts. She has been criticized by her fellows as “too ideological” to be a judge.
    As [CENSORED] and [CENSORED] have described, Sotomayor has virtually no paper trail, and she has refused to answer the most basic questions about her views.
  • I've been here for 40 years and I've worked with Republican and Democrat administrations in the confirmation process. This administration is the worst. They are seeking an ideologue at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and then they dare us to prevent them from packing the courts of appeals with ideologues. As [CENSORED] and [CENSORED] can attest, any attempt to work with them is rebuffed.
  • If we allow them to place a left-wing ideologue on this court, we only have ourselves to blame. However, some of Sotomayor's opinions reflect a conservative attitude towards abortion, perhaps rooted in her Catholic faith. We must expose this issue, and capitalize on a favorable result by endorsing her as a “Pro-Life” candidate. The Democrats will then have the choice to withdraw her, or allow their own “stealth” justice on the Court.
  • The Supreme Court is far too important to appoint another left-wing ideologue. The White House is telling us they plan to appoint more like Judge Sotomayor, but seem to have forgotten to ask about a challenge to Roe. While our opposition to her appointment will be maligned by the press, Judge Sotmayor's confirmation and appointment could prove favorable for us, at least in terms of a Roe challenge.. It would be fitting for them to make the same mistake we made with David Souter.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Will Sotomayor Out-Stealth Souter?

Jill Stanek has the run-down on this issue regarding President Obama's recent Supreme Court nominee.

Republicans should consider endorsing Sotomayor as "pro-life." The Democrats will then have no choice but to destroy her themselves.

Ha ha ha.



Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And Bullshit Walks

An interesting story from the Adam Smith Institute this morning shows how poor monetary policy leads to unchecked inflation, resulting in the paper fiat currency being used for, well, other purposes:
The hundred trillion dollar note is literally not worth the paper it's printed on, and the city authorities in Harare had to put up notices in the loos forbidding people to use banknotes in the toilets (since they are cheaper than tissue, albeit still, by comparison, 'hard' currency).

The U.S. Treasury is now auctioning its paper 12 times a year. Recently it was only 4 times year. The Federal Reserve is buying the paper and, in effect, loaning itself money. Even a six-year-old can see through this fallacy: Take a piece of paper and write a "1"on it. Now put a "0" next to the "1," and the paper is worth 10 times as much as before. Each time the process is repeated, the value of the paper is increased by a factor of 10! Incredible!

Unfortunately, this is how a large number of people, especially in our government, view monetary policy. It is not based on anything but perceived value.

Monday, May 11, 2009

God Speed Atlantis

Today's launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis is so potentially hazardous, the shuttle Endeavour is standing by as a rescue craft.

All to repair and upgrade the Hubble space telescope at 350+ miles above earth. About double the height of the Internatinal space station. From the link above:

Astronauts will also install a new imaging camera and a Cosmic Origins Spectrograph -- an especially sensitive instrument designed to split light it captures into individual wavelengths.

The spectrograph, NASA says, will not only be able to study stars, planets and galaxies but also basic elements found throughout the cosmos, such as carbon and iron.

And the new instruments will allow Hubble to peer even further back into time, perhaps as far back as some 600 million years before the Big Bang, much further than the billion years it can reach back now.

When one considers the knowledge that has been gained from Hubble, and the potential new knowledge that will result from this mission, one cannot help but feel like the tiniest wee speck of insignificant stuff. Our knowledge of the size and scope of the cosmos is staggering thanks in large part to Hubble. Hazardous as it may be, the mission to repair Hubble is worth the risk.

The work is hazardous, indeed. Monkeying around with sharp objects while wearing a space suit is no easy task. A tear in the suit, which is a possibility in this kind of mission, would surely mean instant death for the unlucky astronaut. There is also the space junk and micrometeorites which may damage the shuttle, making re-entry impossible. The astronauts on this mission are brave souls with ice water in their veins.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Free Healthcare Now!

This man is a health care "broker" for sick Canadians:

Where will the Canadians get lifesaving medical treatment if the U.S. nationalizes health care? In this global age, we must put our neighbor's interests first.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What You Will NOT Hear in the MSM

The White House is now threatening to character-assassinate private citizens using the "White House Press Corps." Of course, the White House itself has denied any such threat was made. The very idea that a major portion of the media would follow along with this illegal garbage is repellent.

Mark Levin played this audio from WJR on Friday last.

I, and millions of others, warned you Obamaphants that the President is a hard-left radical.

Get ready for more...

Take That, You Statist Bastard!

The Oklahoma House has voted to override the governor's veto, and has claimed State sovereignty.

Where is the Virginia legislature on this issue? What has our governor, Timmy "Citizen" Kane, to say about it? It is doubtful that he can draw his oral opening away from President Obama's anal opening long enough to give a statement.

Gay Marriage is Wrong, D.C. Version

Marion Berry was the lone dissenting voice (12-1) in the D.C. City Council vote on gay marriage? This is probably the .5% area of agreement between he and I.

The decision, I believe, must also be ratified by Congress, which is unlikely.

Whether or not one believes it is a civil rights issue, gay marriage is obviously used as a tool by the Statist to achieve his ends.