Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In Defense of Freedom

Our President is now "moved" by the protest in Iran. Perhaps He should wait until he is in he bathroom...

Other countries, including France, have condemned the violence and repression being used against those protesting the sham election in Iran. Why can't we? Where is our president on the issue? His wait-and-see attitude betrays his cowardice, and demonstrates his lack of education and experience with the concept of ordered liberty. He does not value freedom, and cannot recognize its importance to the civil society and moral order.

It is important to realize the Iranian election itself, not the results, is the sham. To the religious kooks running Iran, the candidate is irrelevant. The winner is whomever they want it to be.

Those in Iran who are protesting, and I would wager a large majority of Iranians, want freedom. They want to be free to pursue their own interests without the heavy hand of a repressive regime directing and dictating their every move according to a strict religious dogma. We should support them, at least in the moral sense. And so should our president.

We don't want them to think we are going to come fight for them.

We do not have to use our military to support a freedom movement in Iran. We can express our support of freedom, while at the same time condemning the rulers in Iran who would deny freedom to its people. Think of what Ronald Reagan said in 1981 about Poland:

Our President may have blown an opportunity. Instead of being "moved," he should have taken his cue from Reagan and issued a similar statement. It may now be too late, the momentum in Iran may be waning. Instead of challenging the rulers of Iran, Obama is busy producing his own prime-time special on his plan to destroy the health care industry in the United States while the struggle for freedom has its throat cut.

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