Saturday, July 25, 2009

The President of the United States is a Damn Fool

In his initial, unscripted, un-teleprompted comments about the arrest of Prof. Gates, Mr.Obama said "any of us would have been angry"about being arrested in our own home. Any of "us." Who are the "us" to which the President refers?

It could be "Us Americans" or "Us Statists." He could also be saying "Us in the Elite Class."

One could easily conclude he intended to say "Us Black People" in the light of his closing remark at the time: "Race remains a factor in this Nation."

Race remains a factor in this Nation for those who wish to use skin color to their advantage - The Statist left.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Find the Fish

I wonder where that fish did go...

which I used for this post?

I guess it came back.

Concealed Carry Reciprocity Fails

At least Virginia Senators Mark Warner and Jim Webb had brains enough to vote in favor of the Thune amendment, #1614 (S.1390), to allow concealed carry reciprocity within the states which allow concealed carry. Too bad it failed. Webb actually came to the defense of the amendment, as quoted in the Washington Compost:

During the debate, Schumer -- who led the campaign efforts in 2006 and 2008 --- offered the hypothetical example of a gang member in New York City moving to Vermont, which has some of the least-regulated gun laws in the nation, and establishing residency there. That person could then buy guns and transport them back to New York, Schumer argued.

But he was rebuffed by one of his prize recruits, Sen. James Webb (D-Va.), whose victory in November 2006 gave Democrats control of the Senate. "The reality of that particular situation is the gang members already have their guns. . . . The people who need this bill are the ones that the gang members might be threatening," Webb said.

This was a close vote, but at least they did the right thing.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The President of the United States is a Damn Liar

"You will be able to keep your own [individual] heath insurance" is the rhetoric we hear from Dear Leader Chairman Maobama and his sycophants. The text of H.R. 3200 says otherwise, to wit:


    (a) Grandfathered Health Insurance Coverage Defined- Subject to the succeeding provisions of this section, for purposes of establishing acceptable coverage under this division, the term `grandfathered health insurance coverage' means individual health insurance coverage that is offered and in force and effect before the first day of Y1 if the following conditions are met:


        (A) IN GENERAL- Except as provided in this paragraph, the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enroll any individual in such coverage if the first effective date of coverage is on or after the first day of Y1.

        (B) DEPENDENT COVERAGE PERMITTED- Subparagraph (A) shall not affect the subsequent enrollment of a dependent of an individual who is covered as of such first day.

      (2) LIMITATION ON CHANGES IN TERMS OR CONDITIONS- Subject to paragraph (3) and except as required by law, the issuer does not change any of its terms or conditions, including benefits and cost-sharing, from those in effect as of the day before the first day of Y1.

      (3) RESTRICTIONS ON PREMIUM INCREASES- The issuer cannot vary the percentage increase in the premium for a risk group of enrollees in specific grandfathered health insurance coverage without changing the premium for all enrollees in the same risk group at the same rate, as specified by the Commissioner.

Section 102 (a) (2-3) make his claim impossible, as it would hamstring the private insurance provider. Any change, such as employer, dependents, age, deductible, even an annual increase in premium for any reason, would make the issuance of the private policy illegal.

This, like the rest of the Obamagenda, is designed to kill the free market and establish power for Dear Leader and his Statist enablers. THIS BILL IS NOT ABOUT HEALTHCARE. IT IS ALL ABOUT BARRY.

What? I thought he was a moderate centrist...oops

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Perriello Bashing

Here is a link to Tom Perriello's top donors. The list is populated with unions and left-wing groups. Some highlights:

The University of Virginia, Jefferson's "Academic Community," is Congressman Perriello's #2 donor. UVA owns much of the land in Charlottesville, and is one of the area's largest employers. UVA also operates the UVA Health System. They like to do as they please, and a congressman in your pocket never hurts.

#14 on the list is Nancy Pelosi for Congress?

#8 is a corporation called Grassmere Management. A search of this name at the Virginia Corporation Commission yields this result: Grassmere Management is listed as corporation number 0465193 1, with Linda Perriello as president. I would guess Linda Perriello is the congressman's wife. The latest year an annual report for Grassmere Management is available is 2004. Should not a corporation making significant contributions to a U.S. Congressman's campaign be up-to-date in filing their annual reports?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not the Only One

My tyrannical representative in the tyrannical United States Congress, Tom Perriello, had a puff piece written about him in yesterday's Charlottesville Daily Progress.The story highlighted the spreading around of wealth as a result of the stimulus "package" recently signed into law by Chairman Maobama. The hero of the story, and Perriello's stunt, is a veteran who works at UPS:

Yowell, who served in Afghanistan and at Guantanamo Bay as part of the Virginia Army National Guard, said the tax credit, an attractive mortgage package from the U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs and a secure job with UPS all combined to make this year the time right to buy his first home.

Yowell received his $8,000 tax credit check two weeks ago, having submitted an addendum to this year’s tax filing.

The "credit" is worth 10% of the value of the property (however value is determined), up to $8000. I would like to think a veteran of the Army, working full-time at UPS, would be able to purchase a house without any help from the taxpayer. The story mentions the "attractive" loan policy of the VA. As a former employee of UPS, I know for a fact the pay and benefits one receives there are quite good, even if non-management personnel must join the Teamster's union.

This is an illustration of the undesirable effect of government meddling in the housing market. I don't think I need to rehash the whole Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac thing, but the market is over-inflated as a result. Propping up a stagnant housing market by using taxpayer dollars to keep prices from naturally falling is POOR POLICY.

Former city councilman Rob Schilling, the conservative pariah of Charlottesville, had this to say last week about Perrello's meeting with the Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors:

Maybe it’s nothing new that a United States Congressman would stoop to this level of intimidation. But local, non-partisan Associations like CAAR, should not be asked to do Congressman Perriello’s self-promotional “dirty work” for him. Such organizations can hardly say “no” to a request from their Federal representatives, since these groups rely on their relationships with Congressmen and Senators to protect and promote their own business interests.

“Pandering Tom’s” attempt to purchase patronage in advance using OUR money and OUR gullible (but possibly well-meaning) neighbors is an outrageous and blatant abuse of his office, but sadly, it is what we have come to expect from our freshman Congressman.

In considering this attempt, and Perriello’s previous efforts to “sell out” America, the prophetic words of Benjamin Franklin come to mind:

“When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

You were right, Ben. Apparently, that time has come.

Thanks for the extra nail in America’s coffin, Tom, it’s just what we needed.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Bad Assumptions

The Maximum Leader at Naked Villainy wrote about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg's recent interview in which she seemed to endorse eugenics by way of the Roe decision. She is not the only eugenicist around. Check out John Holdren, President Obama's Science Czar (Zombie via Michelle Malkin). It is sickening. This has the potential to become policy and practice should the Statist's wet dream of nationalizd health care come true.

If memory serves, a certain favorite president of many "progressives" endorsed eugenics. He is second from the right on Mt. Rushmore.

Friday, July 10, 2009

You Are Too Stupid to Decide for Yourself, Again.

So Chairman Maobama will decide for you.

47 million "uninsured Americans" can't be wrong!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Newsletter from a Tyrant, a.k.a. Congressman Tom Perriello, D-VA(5)

During the recent melt down of the D.C. switchboards over so-called "cap and trade," my representative let slip he wanted the bill to pass so he could vote against it. Then he decided he would vote in favor of the bill. I will not go into a lengthy discussion of the bill, as others have done that already. I will say it is the most destructive piece of legislation to commerce that the House has ever passed.

In today's devotional from Tom Perriello, he (actually, some anonymous staffer) writes of the wonders of cap-and-trade: Bio-fuels, bio-refineries, and former tobacco farmers (formerly subsidized by the government) growing the bio-mass needed to make the bio-fuels (subsidized once again by the government). Batteries! Energy-efficient doors and windows! There is mention of a few companies by name, likely the recipients of more government largesse, who stand proudly on the front lines of the "new clean energy economy."


A brief mention of nuclear energy attracted my attention: "Some of the biggest winners should be agricultural areas that can produce biofuels, and areas like Region 2000 that are connected to the nuclear industry, as well as former manufacturing hubs that can support the new advanced manufacturing of efficiency technology." Somehow I became distracted again by the Bright New Future:
Central and Southern Virginia served as the cradle of American liberty and also the economic driver of the Commonwealth for more than a century. We can be that again as we blaze a trail towards energy independence and a clean technology future. In these tough times, we must have the courage to think beyond merely surviving as a region and dare to think about how we can thrive again. The new clean energy economy is the answer.

What was that thing about Nuclear? Region 2000 or something? Americans have been force-fed fear of nuclear-generated electricity. France, the nation of cheese-eating surrender monkeys, uses nuclear for the bulk of its energy needs. Why can't we? It's the greenest of all.

What about "clean" coal, or coal, oil, and natural gas power plants? Why can't we build more of them to keep up with the demand until the Ultimate Green Energy is developed? In other words, do you like air conditioning in the summer?

As far as energy independence is concerned, why can't we go get our own oil, which is just waiting for someone to come along and tap into it?

Tom Perriello is a coward, a sellout, a puppet, and a TYRANT.