Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Newsletter from a Tyrant, a.k.a. Congressman Tom Perriello, D-VA(5)

During the recent melt down of the D.C. switchboards over so-called "cap and trade," my representative let slip he wanted the bill to pass so he could vote against it. Then he decided he would vote in favor of the bill. I will not go into a lengthy discussion of the bill, as others have done that already. I will say it is the most destructive piece of legislation to commerce that the House has ever passed.

In today's devotional from Tom Perriello, he (actually, some anonymous staffer) writes of the wonders of cap-and-trade: Bio-fuels, bio-refineries, and former tobacco farmers (formerly subsidized by the government) growing the bio-mass needed to make the bio-fuels (subsidized once again by the government). Batteries! Energy-efficient doors and windows! There is mention of a few companies by name, likely the recipients of more government largesse, who stand proudly on the front lines of the "new clean energy economy."


A brief mention of nuclear energy attracted my attention: "Some of the biggest winners should be agricultural areas that can produce biofuels, and areas like Region 2000 that are connected to the nuclear industry, as well as former manufacturing hubs that can support the new advanced manufacturing of efficiency technology." Somehow I became distracted again by the Bright New Future:
Central and Southern Virginia served as the cradle of American liberty and also the economic driver of the Commonwealth for more than a century. We can be that again as we blaze a trail towards energy independence and a clean technology future. In these tough times, we must have the courage to think beyond merely surviving as a region and dare to think about how we can thrive again. The new clean energy economy is the answer.

What was that thing about Nuclear? Region 2000 or something? Americans have been force-fed fear of nuclear-generated electricity. France, the nation of cheese-eating surrender monkeys, uses nuclear for the bulk of its energy needs. Why can't we? It's the greenest of all.

What about "clean" coal, or coal, oil, and natural gas power plants? Why can't we build more of them to keep up with the demand until the Ultimate Green Energy is developed? In other words, do you like air conditioning in the summer?

As far as energy independence is concerned, why can't we go get our own oil, which is just waiting for someone to come along and tap into it?

Tom Perriello is a coward, a sellout, a puppet, and a TYRANT.

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