Friday, September 25, 2009


Is Jane Stone, allegedy a producer for NBC's Dateline, a real person? Did she send an e-mail containing an ethnic slur?

If so, she embodies the hypocracy and racism that the Statist left loves to ascribe to conservative Americans.

Here is an image of the "Bite Me Jew Boy" e-mail in question.

The Fallacy of Gun Control

Ramsay Scott, a 21-year-old Briton, has been sentenced to 3 years, 9 months in prison for possession of firearms. From the Adam Smith Institute Blog:

There is no evidence whatsoever that Scott had ever harmed anyone else with these weapons, nor that he had any intention of doing so. As Lord Uist remarked to the High Court in Edinburgh on sentencing him:

It is probably impossible to say what, if anything, you would have done with the weapons had the police not intervened.

He explained that Scott was guilty not because he had actually hurt someone else, but because:

There must have been at least the possibility that you would have used them to cause injury to others.

Granted, the man had an autism - type disorder, and had been collecting various weapons, parts, and ammunition. However, I can sum up the situation in one word: Thoughtcrime!

Get Your Boom Stick Ready!

Just in time for Halloween, Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. brings you Zombie Targets. They have five different designs, including two in Nazi uniforms. They lovely lass pictured above is Becky. If you look closely, you can see a target ring (printed in blood red) positioned center-mass on her cranial vault. Not sure what the disembodied brain is for; I would blow it away anyhow just to be safe.

These targets are sure to give you some realistic training in preparation for the coming zombie war.

UPDATE: Be certain to have enough ammo on hand before going to the range. The Maximum Leader reminds us that ammunition is in short supply. NB - With a shotgun, #7 or #8 shot is good for training, and cheaper than full-charge #00 "buckshot" or slugs. Just be sure to fire a few rounds of the heavier loads to acclimate yourself to the blast and recoil.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Statist Hypnocracy...

May be blocking your memory of this:

Is this about race? Are black Democrats racists for booing and calling President Bush a liar? President Bush was being booed for shining a light on the cockroaches and exposing the fallacy of the statist left agenda. In the real world, there is no such thing as reverse racism. However, the race baiters and poverty pimp demagogues love to divide us along racial lines.

Here is a fun fact: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican.

Here is another fun fact: Even if every U.S. citizen "of color" had voted for Obama as a block in the 2008 election, there is no possible way He would have been able to win without a significant number of white votes. Not every person "of color" voted for President Obama. Not every white person voted for McCain. That is not racism.

Obama won the election by a little over 52%. The President's approval rating is now down to about 40%. What happened? Did millions of white Americans suddenly wake up and realize they are really racists? White Supremacists? Perhaps members of the Sons of the Confederacy? No. They were caught up in the moment of HopeandChange, and the historical implications of voting for the first (half) black President of the United States. They now realize the bill of goods they were sold is just that: Worthless promises.

What did we get as a result of Obama and his statist left in Congress? A quadrupling of the deficit. An exponential increase in the power and scope of the formerly federal, now national, government. Wholesale violations and perversions of Constitutional authority, and a hostile attitude to those who would hold them to their Constitutional role. Rejection and destruction of our American heritage and traditions. Rejection of liberty and private propery. Rejection of the civil sociey and moral order. "Spreading around" of wealth. An unemployment rate (which was promised to be capped at 8%) hovering around 10%. A trade war with China. Abandonment of our allies Poland and Czechoslovakia. Embarrassing apologies to our enemies for our exceptionalism. A top-to-bottom Cabinet and administration of Corruption, to include 40 or so unaccountable "czars." Constant campaigning for this or that statist program. Endless appearances, speeches, and interviews (except for Fox News Sunday!). False charges of racism.

The country is going down the toilet under this administration, and race has NOTHING to do with it. The former Obama voters are realizing what conservatives have known for a long time: The President of the United States is a Marxist.

Conservatism is on the ascendancy. See you in November.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The President is a Damn Liar

And Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina is right to call President Obama on his lies. Help Congressman Wilson defeat his Statist opponent (who has suddenly "raised" over a million dollars) in November by making a contribution to his campaign here.

Fake Video of a Fake Protest

via Michelle Malkin:

Kiss it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Battle of Lake Erie, 196 Years Ago on This Day

196 years ago today, the small U.S. fleet under Commodore O.H. Perry defeated the British fleet in the Battle of Lake Erie. Perry's flagship, the Lawrence, was so badly damaged during the battle that he transferred his command (via rowboat, in the midst of flying shot and splinters) to the brig Niagara. Perry's fleet had powerful guns, but they had to tack under long-range (and highly accurate) British guns to get close enough to fire them. That took big brass balls.

A live fire demonstration of a reconstructed gun deck section shows the hellish punishment Perry's men would have taken as the inched their way towards the British. Watch carefully. Flying splinters can be seen striking the "human" targets, doing more damage than the shot itself. Scary.

UPDATE: The above link is no longer working. Here is the same video on YouTube:

N.B. to P. O'B. fans: Here is the Niagara underway, wearing around, with some nifty animation demonsrtating the process of coming around on the other tack: