Monday, November 09, 2009

Execution is Too Compassionate...

For an islamo-facist terrorist asshole such as the Ft. Hood shooter. Once he is found guilty, he should be kept in solitary confinement. No chance for appeal. No man should speak to him, except his guards, for the rest of his life. His existence should otherwise not be acknowledged. He should be given only the most meager rations for physical survival. His cell should have a good sturdy rafter across its middle, and he should be given plenty of rope.

In this way, he may achieve the only destruction of life he may rightly seek: His own.

For those such as President Obama, who cannot admit that A=A, consider the shooter's business card:

NB: "SoA" means "Soldier of Allah." "(SWT)" is an abbreviation of a Muslim honorific used when mentioning God (Allah) in this conext. Let us call this despicable piece of human garbage what he is: A Muslim Terrorist.

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