Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Real Number of Uninsured People in America

Is 12 million or less. Why can we not address this issue, instead of creating yet another unconstitutional bureaucracy to hammer us all into submission?

Where is the enumerated power?

How can the government legitimately require an individual to purchase health insurance, not only for himself, but for his neighbor as well?

If health care is a right, what responsibility does the recipient have to the provider?

Will we all be required to sign a "wellness pledge?"

It is immoral to require an individual to sacrifice his own life to another, or to an all-powerful government. However, this is what happens every day in this country. The producers are required to make an offering of their labor, a portion of their time on earth, to be burned on the altar of the recipient class. Enough is enough.

In other words, get your own damn health care.

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