Friday, January 29, 2010

"Right Wing Extremism"

The 10th Amendment (not to mention the 2nd) is now an extreme political idea?

By-the-by, racism is wholly owned by the left. To wit: Chris Matthews "forgot" for an hour that President Obama is black. He must have a low opinion of black people to make such a comment (it is irrelevant to the left, however - Obama's own Vice President called Barry clean and articulate - he was only being complimentary).

Just tack that little tidbit onto the end of the long train of leftist racism, from the Civil War, to the KKK, to the Democrat Party slogan: "It's a white man's world, let the white man rule," to the filibuster of the civil rights and voting rights acts, to the Great Society, to Affirmative Action.

Need we say more?