Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Health Care, and Every Other Whim, By Right

Hope and Change is now having its sleazy way with the health care industry. The mistake is to assume that this law has anything to do whatsoever with improvement of health. It is wholly intended to be a tool of destruction on our economy, and to tighten the grip of the federal (now national) government on the individual.

Any opposition to this law (and anything else which runs afoul of the Constitution) has been labelled as fear mongering, racism, gay-bashing, whatever, by the Statists. Avoiding the facts and vilifying your opponent does not change the facts. A=A. Do you, dear reader, believe this law is good thing? Do you know what will result from its implementation? Please read for yourself a timeline of the major provisions of the health care law (via Mark Levin). Here are some highlights for the link-averse:

•Hospitals in "Frontier States" (ND, MT, WY, SD, UT ) receive higher Medicare payments (FY11).

•Hospitals in "low cost" areas receive higher Medicare payments for 2 yrs
($400 million, FY11).

•Medicare Advantage cuts begin.

•No longer allowed to use FSA, HSA, HRA, Archer MSA distributions for
over-the-counter medicines.

•Medicare cuts to home health begin.

•Wealthier seniors ($85k/$170k) begin paying higher Part D premiums (not indexed for inflation in Parts B/D).

•Medicare reimbursement cuts when seniors use diagnostic imaging like MRIs, CT scans, etc.

•Medicare cuts begin to ambulance services, ASCs, diagnostic labs, and durable medical equipment.

•Impose new annual tax on brand name pharmaceutical companies.

•Seniors prohibited from purchasing power wheelchairs unless they first rent for 13 months.

•Impose $2,500 annual cap on FSA contributions (indexed to CPI).

•Increase Medicare wage tax by 0.9% and impose a new 3.8% tax on unearned, nonactive business income for those earning over $200k/$250k (not indexed to inflation).

•Generally increases (from 7.5% to 10%) threshold at which medical expenses, as a % of income, can be deductible.

With student loans being nationalized, the National Government now controls 50% of our economy. What's next, you ask? Watch out for Cap & Trade and the V.A.T.

To the dunderheads who elected these people: Educate yourselves beyond what you hear on MSNBC and CNN, or read in the New York Slimes and Washington ComPost before you cast another ballot. You put us in this mess. NB: Senator Warner, the phony "moderate businessman," voted for this crap.

You have no right to health care, despite what our National Legislature says.

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