Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Patrick Henry's Speech, 235 Years Ago

Please call your State representatives and tell them to support an Article V convention to get rid of ObamaCare, and make it impossible for collectivism to establish a permanent foothold in our home. We must undertake our Errand of Moral Inheritance, and ensure freedom for our children and grandchildren.
You may think me silly and old-fashioned if you wish. Ask yourself: What if nullification or repeal fails? What if these efforts succeed, and we once again face the Statist's assault? What if there are not enough conservatives elected to congress to oppose statism to begin with? The tyrants who have brought their guns to bear on us for nearly 100 years must be made to obey the Constitution. Are the men now serving in congress more intelligent, or more educated, or more thoughtful and deliberative of their actions than our founders? I think not. We must take away the immoral apparatus that has allowed the slow erosion of our freedom and liberty. The only way to put our great nation back on the correct, moral path is to amend the Constitution. It is the tool our founders left for us to use in this situation.

"I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure." -Hicks, Aliens.

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