Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Starbucks Coffee supports the Second Amendment? Open carry (that is, carrying an unconcealed firearm such as a pistol in a holster on one's belt without being covered by a garment) is now allowed according to Starbucks' corporate policy. Open carry can be practiced in most public places by anyone who legally possesses a firearm.

I shall no longer feel guilty about my love for the Carmel Macchiato. But I still refuse to order in any size designation other than "small," "medium," or "large." I might be persuaded into using "biggie" or "super-size," since these terms have fallen out of favor in the fast-food world.

I have checked with local law enforcement, and open carry is legal in the City of Charlottesville. On the UVA campus (I don't like the favored local term, "grounds"), the location of the Starbukcs I would like to support, firearms of any type are not permitted. There may be some legal corridor I could use; I need to investigate further. There is another location in the city which shall suffice for now...

In related news, Virginia is about to enact a new law which will permit concealed carry in places which serve alcohol. Those who carry would be barred from consuming alcohol upon pain of a misdemeanor citation. This would be a tricky enforcement issue, however, as the requirement for carrying a concealed firearm is that no part of the firearm may be visible, nor shall its outline be discernible through the covering garment. The new law is in effect an "honor code."

There is the usual outrage from the criers of doom: We shall soon see barroom brawls breaking out into wild-west shootouts! Pandemonium! Cats and dogs sleeping together!

If you oppose legislation that expands an individual's right to defend innocent life against a violent predator, please google "Luby's Cafeteria."

The bill has passed the House of Delegates, 72-27.

Some other ramblings regarding concealed carry and the second amendment can be found here and here. And I can't resist this:

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