Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The new illegal alien law in Arizona has a lot of panties in a wad. Why? There is nothing "racist" in the law. There is nothing "unfair" in the law. The law mirrors existing federal law.

Get over it. The Governor of Arizona has a duty to protect her state's citizens, just as President Obama has a duty to protect his nation's citizens. Why should the Governor of Arizona shirk her responsibility? Because the President of the United States is shirking his?

We are a nation of immigrants. Legal immigrants who lead, and have led, productive lives that contribute to our civil society and moral order. Yes, we will keep out some people who may be a benefit to this nation by strictly enforcing our borders (Canada and the Atlantic and Pacific shores included). However, criminals, parasites, and others who will harm our citizens and our institutions can not be kept out otherwise.

NB: "Illegal Immigrant" is a contradiction in terms. "Immigrant" presupposes completion of a process of investigation and approval of the prospective immigrant by the country accepting him as a citizen. The correct term for a person who is in this country illegally is "Illegal Alien." But the 14th Amendment says 'Person!" It also says "subject to the jurisdiction thereof." Illegal Aliens are here illegally, and as such are not subject to our laws. The line for legal immigration begins in their home country.

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