Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Dirty Job

During the recent construction of a new house up the road, the builder neglected to install erosion control fencing around the site. After many heavy rains, several hundred cubic yards of dirt, along with aquatic plant material from the pond on the property, washed into the lower pond (on an adjacent lot) directly across the street. The lower pond was new, having been constructed about 7 years ago. Our neighbors like to keep their property looking like a park, and the pond was a prominent feature in their landscaping.

The pond is now a mucky mess, with a huge sandbar extending over 30 feet from the inlet. The water was once about 12 feet deep in this area. Now it is about 2 feet. There is so much plant material in the summertime that hardly a clear surface can be found at the downstream end. Fishing was nearly impossible. Swimming was uncomfortable, unless you enjoy looking like the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Our neighbors had what I assume to be a legal dispute over the erosion problem with the new neighbors, and are now making plans to clean the pond using the services of a company called Aqua Cleaners . If you were watching the show Dirty Jobs a few years ago, you may have seen them in action. Divers in SCUBA gear use large-bore hoses and pumps to suck up the muck and plant material into a huge filter bag (100' long and 7' high), which allows the water to go back into the pond. When the job is done, the bag is opened, and the muck/sand/organic material can be use for fill or landscaping.

The owners of AquaCleaners were here today to do an estimate on our neighbor's pond. They plan to be back this summer, at which time I hope to have pictures (and possibly video...). Until then, here is a clip from Dirty Jobs:


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