Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wabbit Season!

I have been wanting to cook some wild game since last year, when I was unable to hunt while recovering from back surgery. My son thinks that I should just go out in the yard and shoot a rabbit or a squirrel RIGHT NOW! I have to remind him that game tastes better in the fall, after the animals have fattened themselves up for the winter. And after the frost, fleas and ticks are no longer a problem.

My intent is to make a squirrel confit, and possibly turn that into a crunchy spring roll of some kind. Today, however, I found a recipe at Offal Good for Braised Rabbit in Hay. It is a standard-looking braised rabbit recipe, with the addition of hay, placed underneath the bunny in the stew pot. I will need to consult Smallholder about the best grasses/legumes/etc to be used.

The smell of hay is something that reminds me of my childhood - helping to load the bales into into my grandparent's barn, and then playing in the hay loft in the fall and winter. The grass here in Virginia has a wonderful sweet smell that is intoxicating when I cut it, so I am sure some of this aroma would be delicious with a braised rabbit. I look forward to this experiment

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