Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lukewarm About McDonald

I am generally pleased with the spirit of yesterday's ruling on McDonald, but I am unsure of the implications i.e. a federal court deciding a state or local issue. That being said, the text of the 14th Amendment does say that states may not make laws which contradict specific rights guaranteed in the Constitution, and so this case was rightly decided.

I find it hard to be excited about the ruling for no other reason but that many people will choose to own firearms regardless of what any court or law may decree. Of course, criminals will disregard laws simply because they are, by definition, criminals. No penalty will persuade these people from possessing firearms.

There is another, still larger, group of people who will choose to posses firearms, legally or illegally. These people are otherwise law-abiding citizens who, despite what their government orders, value life and its righteous defense. They are made into outlaws by their government because they refuse to submit their sovereignty of their own lives and the lives of their families. They do not, I say again do not, wish to initiate the use of force against anyone. They want to be left alone to live their lives. But when someone else initiates the use of force against them, it is their right and duty to respond in defense with like (and hopefully superior) force. The offender is given the only destruction he has a right to seek - his own.

Most Americans simply do not buy into the gun control argument any longer, regardless of laws. Firearms are used by citizens more than two million times per year to stop criminals. In the large majority of cases, just the presentation of the firearm is enough.

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