Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Wild Wild West! UPDATE

A strange story from Oregon - a concealed carry permit holder attempted to shoot out the tires of fleeing burglars' car. It is surprising that the MSM is not making more out of this incident:

He witnessed two men stealing several i-phones, drew his weapon, and followed them to their car. He fired two rounds at the vehicle's tire, which was in-line with the bus stop in the distance. No one was injured. The bad guys got away. Police have not recovered the bullets, but have arrested one suspect: the CC permit holder.

I am not certain of the laws regarding the use of deadly force in Oregon, but most statutes allow, in varying degree, force to be used to protect life or property. Since no one was injured in the incident, it will be difficult to convict him of anything beyond reckless endangerment. And he can forget about his CC permit.

The process required to obtain a CC permit is strict in most states. Fingerprints, a criminal background check, affidavits swearing against drug use or mental instability, and proof of competency in firearms handling are all required here in the Old Dominion.

Unfortunately, a person's judgement cannot be measured. The man acted with poor judgement. That being said, CC permit holders are more law-abiding and safety conscious than the general population.

One bad apple...

UPDATE! Here is a story from the UK Telegraph about how gun control laws can work for us!

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