Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An Open Letter to Robert Hurt, Republican Hopeful in VA-5

Dear Mr. Hurt,

Congratulations on your nomination by the Republican party to run against the Democrat incumbent congressman Tom Perriello. His record thus far has demonstrated his abandonment (or perhaps absence) of morality, reality, and constitutional restraint.

I have one question which will determine whether or not you deserve to occupy the seat you intend to fill: What assurance can you give the the persons of Virginia's 5th district that your election will mean a return to a small government limited in its scope and influence by the terms set forth in the Constitution? I refer here to the original meaning and intent of the Constitution as written, debated, and ratified; specifically Article 1, Section 8.

You have voted to increase funding for K-12 government education. You voted for Governor Warner's $1.4 billion tax increase, after spending a surplus of $900 million. In your latest public policy statement, you claim government spending is out of control, which is true. You claim that you will bring jobs and leadership to the district, and get debt and deficits under control. You claim that these policies will enable us to keep more of our hard-earned money in our pockets rather than send it to Washington. But if the size and scope of the federal government is not reduced, how will this be accomplished? Inflation? Surely, we will be keeping more of our money in our pockets, but those paper dollars will be worth less.

You fail to mention the Constitution anywhere on your campaign web site, yet you make the claim that "[c]onservative leaders are speaking out and endorsing Robert because they know that they can count on him to be a reliably conservative voice for the people of Virginia in Congress." Do you even know what the term "conservative" means?

You call for a line-item veto, but without a Constitutional Amendment, this would be in violation of the Constitution (I,7).

You want to end Virginia's estate tax. Good. If you attempt this at the federal level, we once again have a constitutional issue.

You want to create incentives for small businesses. Why not say you want to cut corporate and capital gains taxes?

You want to expand reciprocity for concealed carry. Again, something which cannot be done at the federal level, McDonald notwithstanding.

You have made the following statement: "As a member of the House of Delegates and the Virginia State Senate, I have consistently opposed tax increases and spending proposals that did not put the people first." (emphasis mine) Who are "the people" and how are they "put first?" Would you vote for a tax increase on a small percentage of people earning higher incomes because the "rich" are not "the people," and they can afford it anyway? Would you vote for a spending increase in social welfare programs because it would "put the people first?"

To be perfectly candid, Mr. Hurt, you sound like just another big-government RINO. We do not need another Kirk, Castle, Snowe, Collins, Specter, Brown, or Goode. It will not be a hard-sell to defeat the inept Tom Perriello. But it will be a hollow victory for America and the persons of Virginia's 5th district if you cannot pledge to be bound by the Constitution, and to follow conservative principles.

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