Friday, July 16, 2010

What's Next?

Over at American Thinker, Jeffrey Folks says the Future of the News is state control. Why not? We have state control of nearly every other aspect of our lives, including life itself. Traditional media are failing, and the FTC and FCC have determined the cause to be, as usual, not enough money. Mr. Folks contends it is not fairness or any other altruistic sentiment which concerns the Obama regime. The intent is to silence opposition and its expression through conservative media:
Nowhere in its extensive discussion does the FTC consider the possibility that old-line media are failing because they are simply out of touch with the American people. The mainstream television news outlets are clinging to a liberal ideology that is as irrelevant as Lyndon Baines Johnson, but they refuse to change. Who wants to hear Brian Williams's endless reports on "Making a Difference" when those reports routinely bash capitalism in favor of community organizing? Who wants to listen to more of the media's underhanded propaganda pieces carefully timed to support "progressive" legislation like Obamacare and cap and trade? Who wants to watch their biased exposés taking on religious leaders, big business, and the American military?

The FTC seems to believe that serious news reporting cannot exist without government subsidies. Why is it that Fox News and the Wall Street Journal have flourished while traditional networks and the New York Times have fallen off a cliff? Fox News and the Journal are doing just fine -- as are thousands of conservative websites and radio stations -- without government intervention. Government's contention that news reporting is in decline is simply preposterous: Americans are more engaged and better-informed than ever before. Perhaps that is what worries Obama's regulators.

Mr. Folks goes on to compare the attempt at state control of media to Hitler's rise to power. He carefully explains that while while the ObamAdministration, and Obama himself, are not being compared to the whole of Hitler's record, the control itself is Hitlerian.
A crucial aspect of Hitler's rise to power was control of the media. During the run-up to the March 5, 1933 elections -- the last truly legitimate elections to be held until after the war -- Goebbels employed every means of propaganda to ensure Hitler's success. Mass meetings, prominently reported in the print media and dramatically broadcast on radio, were planned for maximum impact. As Fest writes: "The country was inundated with appeals, slogans, parades, displays of banners" (Fest 409). Goebbels also employed his own party newspaper -- Der Angriff ["The Attack"] -- to full effect.

I am not suggesting that Barack Obama is Adolf Hitler. I am suggesting that like Hitler -- and like Castro, Chávez, and many other radicals with grandiose ambitions -- Obama intends to exert control over the media to secure his own political power. Obama is out of touch with the public, yet determined to impose his brand of socialism on the country. To succeed in this evil and undemocratic program, he must silence his opponents. And to silence his opponents, he must control the media. Thus the process now underway at the FTC and FCC.

Freedom's last stand is under full attack from this jackass, President Obama, and his evil cabal. Are you more concerned with your I-Phone, Twitter updates, the screen resolution of your new T.V.,People Magazine, and Entertainment Weekly, or are you going to wake up and do something about it?

In a related story, I would like to thank my Senators, Jim "Melonhead" Webb and Mark "Moron" Warner for voting in favor of the ObamAdministration's financial reform legislation. NB to Robert Hurt: Should you be elected Congressman for Virginia's 5th district, you should sponsor a bill to repeal all laws passed by the current congress.

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