Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Brady Campaign Ejaculates in its Pantsuit

Here is the statement released by the Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence upon the confirmation of Elena Kagan as a Supreme Court justice:

“Elena Kagan is seen by many political figures on both sides of the aisle as a person of keen intellect and unvarnished integrity, who respects the law and precedent. By confirming her today, the U.S. Senate rejected the extremism of the National Rifle Association, which strongly opposed her. The NRA bosses not only argued against her confirmation, but also advertised against it, and indicated they would ‘score’ Senators on their votes.

“But even nine Senators rated 'A' by the NRA stood up to the gun lobby and voted to confirm her.

“With Ms. Kagan’s background as an advisor and legal counselor to former President Clinton, and her experience as the dean of Harvard Law School, the Supreme Court is welcoming a justice who will respect judicial precedent and one who recognizes that reasonable gun regulations can save lives.

“The Brady Campaign was proud to endorse Elena Kagan and support her confirmation against the determined opposition of the NRA. We look forward to her service on our nation's highest court.”

Here are some important corrections to this statement:

  1. Kagan's intellect and integrity are questionable at best. To wit: Citizens United, in which she demonstrated her ignorance of the Supreme Court's role, and the banning of military recruiters at Harvard, while at the same time establishing a Sharia Law studies center, during a time of war with islamo-fascist terrorists.
  2. "...who respects law and precedent." See Senator Coburn's questioning during confirmation hearing about fruits and vegetables. Kagan could not answer that Federal power is limited by the Constitution.
  3. The Senate did not reject extremism, they endorsed it. They know Kagan will be a reliable rubber stamp for the ObamAgenda.
  4. "...nine Senators rated "A" by the NRA...voted to confirm her." Like Jim "Melonhead" Webb, A-NRA, who has also voted for every other ObamAgenda item. Webb was recently heard asking if anyone had seen his pistol.
  5. Heller and McDonald are now precedent. Stare decisis, beotches!
  6. Reasonable gun regulations DO save lives. See Amendment II.
  7. Add the prefix "dis" in front of the word "service."

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