Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Clark Can't Win in VA-5, Will give a "Perot" to Perriello

We are stuck between the establishment RINO Robert Hurt (rock), and the Pelosi lap-dog Tom Perialla (hard place). Unfortunately, independent conservative candidate Jeff Clark cannot get enough support to be a serious contender, and may not be included in the scheduled televised debates. He should drop out, as he has promised the Jefferson Area Tea Party:
Last week, Mr. Clark informed me that he has yet to amass the financial and volunteer support he deems as necessary to win the election. I reminded him of his previous statement [to drop out of the race], and asked if he could foresee any substantial change in his circumstances within the short time remaining before the election. He stated that without the exposure and potential support he could gain from participating in the upcoming televised debates, he believes he has no chance of winning.

The Tea Party movement is supportive of the return of citizen legislators as envisioned by our Founding Fathers. It has been particularly gratifying for our organization to honor Mr. Clark's patriotism by extending him the same fair treatment and equal access to our events we give to major political party candidates.

But the JATP must also be even-handed in calling all candidates to account for what they say and do. As such, we are compelled to hold Mr. Clark accountable for the statement he made in June -- just as we held Congressman Perriello accountable for his voting record and issues surrounding the location of his local office, and State Senator Hurt for his refusal to participate in three-way candidate debates.

In the interest of accountability, we respectfully request that Mr. Clark issue a written statement confirming the facts as stated herein, and address his intentions should he fail in his bid for inclusion in the televised debates.

Carole Thorpe
Jefferson Area Tea Party (JATP),
Charlottesville, VA

Hurt, in my opinion, is an establishment douchebag. He is a lawyer and a career politician. As a Virginia Delegate, he voted for then-Governor Mark Warner's Massive tax increase at a time when Virginia had a billion-dollar surplus. Hurt mentions the Constitution only in passing reference to his support of the second Amendment and protecting "sportsmen's rights." While he is viewed as a "tax cutter" by some, he has voted to increase the role of government. Interestingly, Hurt supported the interests of the Virginia AFL-CIO 100% in 2002, his first year as a delegate. His public statements are weak. He will not debate unless Clark is absent. It is clear he sees his campaign on a glide-path to victory, given the anti-Democrat mood of many likely voters.

I do not want Robert Hurt to be my representative to Congeress. I cannot support a losing candidate in Clark. And I will not support a record of tyranny in Perriello. It's another round of hold-your-nose, vote-for-the-lesser-of-two-weevils, I'll-need-a-shower-later elections. Here's hoping Clark drops out in time, and does not spoil the election in Perriello's favor. And maybe a better candidate in a republican primary.

Hurt may surprise me, but I doubt it. Two more years...

Drop out now, Mr.Clark. Don't be a Perot.

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