Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Confusion, the Tea Party, and the NRA

Where to begin?

Yesterday, I learned that the National Rifle Association gave an A-rating to, and endorsed, my congressman, Tom Perriello, D, VA-5. Mr. Perriello is a stooge of the radical left, but managed to fill in the appropriate parts of his NRA questionnaire correctly. He also managed to stay away from any gun control legislation in his short congressional career. So the NRA endorsed him over his more conservative opponents. According to the person answering the phones at the NRA yesterday, the NRA maintains an "incumbent-friendly policy, as long as the incumbent supports second-Amendment issues." However, the NRA will not endorse a higher-rated challenger if the incumbent is "somebody who has worked with us." To wit: Sharron Angle is A-rated, Harry Ried is B-rated (but is one of those "somebody" people), but the NRA withholds their endorsement.

Unfortunately for the NRA, they are a single-issue organization. They are concerned solely with the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution. But the second amendment is only a part of the Constitution, not holy writ unto itself. If the Constitution goes away, the second amendment goes with it. The Constitution cannot be a buffet where we only pick out the things we like to eat. There are sixty or so incumbent Democrat candidates for Congress that the NRA has endorsed. If all of these candidates are re-elected, Nancy Pelosi will remain as Speaker. Endorsing a candidate who in every other way opposes the Constitution is not conducive to preserving the second amendment. The NRA should realize this, and revise their endorsement policy accordingly. As it stands, they are only adding to the confusion.

Confusion is not helpful to the cause of liberty. Independent candidate Jeff Clark, who was at first backed by the Tea Party, has not dropped out of the race as yet. He promised to do so if his poll numbers werre low. It is hard to be much lower in the polls than single digits, and yet Mr. Clark remains in the race only to be used by Congressman Perriello and the Democrat machine. I have been receiving slick 8x10 2-side color glossies detailing why Jeff Clark may be "too conservative" for Virginia's 5th, mailed from both the Virginia Democrat Party and the DCCC. Clark never had such great promotion of his conservative platform! It is clear that Clark is their siphon, and he is being used to lure dissatisfied conservatives away from the douchey RINO Robert Hurt. This is happening elsewhere, as U.S. sNooze and Whirled Report reports:

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA.—Kenny Golden has some years on his opponents in the Second District race, and he isn't shy about reminding people. "Glenn's a nice young man, and Scott's a nice young man," Golden said of Rep. Glenn Nye, the Democratic incumbent, and Republican Scott Rigell, at a League of Women Voters debate this month. "But I've got the experience." A tall, folksy, retired Navy captain with a deep voice, Golden spent years in local politics as the Virginia Beach GOP chairman. But today he is running as an independent, with Tea Party-friendly promises to investigate the elimination of the Federal Reserve, repeal the income tax, slice the Department of Education in half, and push for Texas Rep. Ron Paul, a libertarian, to be speaker of the House.

Golden is one of dozens of independent or third-party candidates across the country—many influenced by the Tea Party movement. Elsewhere in Virginia, Jeffrey Clark is taking on Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello. In Michigan, Glenn Wilson is campaigning for the House seat occupied by retiring Democrat Bart Stupak. In Colorado's Fourth District, an American Constitution Party candidate and an independent are targeting Democratic Rep. Betsy Markey's seat. And Constitution Party nominee David Ryon is running for Congress in the hotly contested Ohio 15th District.

Democrats embrace third-party participation in these races, seen as prime pickup opportunities for the Republicans, with hopes of siphoning votes from the GOP. "Third-party candidates in Ohio 15th have a history of drawing significant support," says Brad Bauman, spokesman for Ohio Democratic incumbent Mary Jo Kilroy. "We have every reasonable expectation to believe that this will happen this time."

I do not know how these other candidates are polling, but if their numbers (like Mr. Clark's) can be counted on two hands or less, they should do the voters a favor and drop out of the race. They will only harm the cause of liberty should they remain. Drop out now, and get going on the primary for 2012.

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