Monday, November 29, 2010

Meet the Depressed

David Gregory is a sad replacement for the late Tim Russert. That "Meet the Press" is still on the air is nothing short of amazing, given that it is now just another outlet regurgitating the tired pablum of the left.

Given all that, Meet the Depressed can have some fun moments. During the roundtable this past Sunday, the miserable E.J. Dionne pulled his chin out of his belt to call the extension of the Bush tax cuts "tax cut for the rich." I will not re-hash my usual Econ 101 diatribe, which anyone with two economic-oriented brain cells to rub together can comprehend, except to say: Have you ever been employed by a poor person?

During the next roundtable topic, Dionne pulled his chin out of his belt to lament the President's low poll numbers. He then asked rhetorically, how can the President resurrect his poll numbers, unemployment, and the economy at the same time? The answer, which fellow panelist Ed Gillespie should have been shoving up Dionne's ass, is: Duh. Tax cuts, stupid!

The last bit was the most amusing, and rather revealing of the desperation and ineptitude of the left. During the close, all of the panelists get to spout off on their own. Dionne chose to attack the Tea Party with his blunt little tool: Poor, poor establishment Republicans are being force-marched by the Tea Party and other "extremist" groups carrying BAYONETS. Yeah.

I could stand it no longer. I shouted at the TV (yes, I am stoopid too. The people on the Magic Box can't hear me!), "You people are so stupid! How did you get on television?"

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