Tuesday, November 30, 2010

S. 510, and the Phantom "Tester Amendment"

S. 510 (the FDA Food Unsafety and Modern Statism Act) has passed. Should the bill be reconciled with a House version and signed into law, the federal government will for all intents and purposes own your body. With the pending tax rate increase, they will own more of your life as well. Body and Soul, we will be enslaved to our betters: The ruling class, and those they choose to favor. Otherwise known as the Politics of Pull. The would-be Attilas and their toadies.

Virginia's two Senators, Mark "The Fraud" Warner and Jim "Melonhead" Webb both voted for statism. Staffers in their offices cite the inclusion of the "Tester Amendment" as a crucial factor in the decision to vote in favor of the bill. The amendment supposedly limits "harsh" regulation for smaller food producers, and limits the full regulatory force to larger firms as established in an anti-terrorism law from 2002.

However, thomas, gov track, and senate.gov do not have any reference to the "Tester Amendment." When I called back to clarify, Senator Webb's office told me to look under amendment 4697. Strange, but amendment 4697 is a Coburn amendment to prohibit earmarks and limited tax benefits.

Calling back again to Webb's office, I was told that the text of the amendment was not available, and someone would call me back.

To be continued...

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