Thursday, December 23, 2010

Robert Hurt, R-VA(5) Elect: Douchey McBag

As I have noted before, Virginia's 5th district Congressman-elect is an establishment RINO douchebag. To wit: Hurt's recent e-mail to supporters. Does he want to repeal the mother of all welfare abortions which is ObamaCare? Reduce taxes? Reduce government intrusion into our lives generally? No. His primary objective, he states, is constituent services.

Hurt will assume a seat on the Financial Services committee, where he:
"...look[s] forward to representing the interests of Central and Southside Virginians on the Committee. The Committee will be addressing issues that will impact tax payers, businesses, financial institutions, and job creation in the 5th District. I am committed to supporting policies that will increase access to capital for small business and individuals, reduce the regulatory burden on Main Street banks, protect taxpayers by reforming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and lead to aggressive oversight of the Regulatory Reform bill. "

OK. Item-by-item:

  • The interests of one's constituents is not what the committee seat is intended to serve.
  • Government can only "create jobs" indirectly by getting out of the way.
  • Access to capital via loans or credits is not the problem. Access to one's own capital, i.e. earnings, is the problem.
  • Regulatory burden should be reduced for all businesses, not just for "Main Street" banks.
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be eliminated, not "reformed."
  • One wonders what Hurt means by "aggressive oversight."

    • Although Hurt calls for "limited" government, his policies do not advocate this view. I will note again that Hurt did not mention the Constitution ONE TIME during the campaign except to express his support of Amendment II in a "sportsman's right" fashion.

      He will prove to be a poor choice.

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