Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hell No, We Won't Go...er...yeah...oops...Kill Them Until They are Dead!

Here's President Obama, who was against the war from before the start of the beginning of the beginning of the start of the war:

And here's Vice President Biden:

And here is Biden voting for the $87 billion before he voted against it:

The recent attacks on Lybia show the hypocrisy enmeshed in the Statist left like cancer.

This is too rich. Nader is screaming "IMPEACH! WAR CRIMES! IMPEACH! IMPEACH!" Kucinich, formerly my congressman, is citing the U.S. Constitution on the issue, and he is correct! And Obama himself has said the President does not have the authority to do what he himself is doing!

I am of the opinion that there are more men that need killin' than there are horses that need stealin'. In other words, I am not a pansy about destroying the enemy. I supported the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, bungled as they were and continue to be today. Both wars were initiated on the belief that the United States was under an imminent threat based on what was thought to be credible intelligence about the threat. Perhaps President Bush lacked a formal "Declaration of War." At least he had the approval of Congress and UN resolution 1441.

Where is the threat today? To be sure, Quadaffi is a thug (Pan Am, Berlin disco, not to mention his internal activities), but is there actionable intel? Is the Colonel planning something the rest of us do not know about? No. All we know is that a so-called democracy movement has taken hold, and it has turned into an armed rebellion. We should stay out of civil wars, or so I seem to remember someone saying recently.

Is Chairman Maobama going to give back his Nobel Peace Prize? NB- President Obama was given the Peace Prize based on what the Nobel committee felt what he could do, not what they thought he would do.

President Obama has become everything the left hated about President Bush. And they have no option but to vote for his reelection in 2012.


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