Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Mike Stark is Either a Bourgeois Socialist, or a Useful Idiot.

I have written about this fool before. He is obsesssed with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, and likes to think he helped get Jim Melonhead Webb elected to the Senate over George Allen. I do not listen to Rush and Sean, but I know millions do every day. I have only heard him once on the program I listen to, the Wilkow Majority (sidebar). His argument was smashed into little pieces by the host, and he hung up crying like a little girl.

How many people read Mikey's blog, or care about what he has to say, or even know he exists? He and his blog probably have about five or six more readers than me. Which isn't saying much.

So Mikey, if you are reading this, did you study con law at UVA? I'm sure you did. Were your lectures devoted to case precedent, or the actual Constitution? Have you actually sat down and read the Constitution, Mikey? Have you read it for what it does say, or what you want it to say, or what your bearded Marxist professor told you it says?

Do you moderate the comments on your blog to exclude those that challenge, and defeat soundly, your assertions? Do you only allow those comments which stroke your ego and lick your boots?

When did you stop beating your wife? When did you stop doing drugs? Oops. Those are your questions.

Tell me truly, Mike Stark. Are you a Bourgeois Socialist, or a Useful Idiot?

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