Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Useful Idiots, the Statist Agenda, and the Defense of Liberty

For those who found my most recent post offensive, I apologize for not making my point clearly enough.

Most Americans have had enough of the ever-increasing domination of their lives by tyrannical authoritarian government. The Statist's answer to problems created by government is: more government. The answer to failed systems is: more systems. The answer to failed bureaucracies is: more bureaucracies. The answer to failed regulations is: more regulations. The answer to failed pubic education is: more spending on public education. This is the root and stalk of the Tea Party protests.

Who gets a free pension in this world? Public sector union employees. The government cannot staple two pieces of paper together without taking the fruit of someone's labor to pay for it - the labor of a person working in the private sector who has a freeloader riding on their back. Labor unions represent less than 10% of the private sector, but more than 50% of the public, or government, sector. Untaxed money is confiscated from the union membership as "dues" and given to candidates who are friendly to the unions, 90% of which are Democrats. This is illegal according to the IRS rules, and yet it is done every day by these criminal front groups. In the case of the Wisconsin teacher's union, an NEA affiliate, the health insurance given to the teachers comes from a subsidiary corporation of the Wisconsin teacher's union. The Democrat party, labor unions, and the federal government have a simbiotic relationship as locusts which devour private property, liberty and the civil society.

Taken to its logical end, the Statist's agenda will result in a police state similar to the Soviet Union. I would recommend that anyone who believes labor unions, "free" pensions, "free" health care, "free" whatever, read We the Living by Ayn Rand.

In case you think that the "get a little bloody" comments were an isolated incident, I submit for your consideration this, this, this:


and this:

This last one is funny, in a way. Leave it to one of these fools to threaten sodomy on someone, then call them a "faggot."

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