Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Militia Act of 1792

"That each and every free able-bodied white male citizen of the respective States, resident therein, who is or shall be of age of eighteen years, and under the age of forty-five years (except as is herein after excepted) shall severally and respectively be enrolled in the militia, by the Captain or Commanding Officer of the company, within whose bounds such citizen shall reside, and that within twelve months after the passing of this Act. And it shall at all time hereafter be the duty of every such Captain or Commanding Officer of a company, to enroll every such citizen as aforesaid, and also those who shall, from time to time, arrive at the age of 18 years, or being at the age of 18 years, and under the age of 45 years (except as before excepted) shall come to reside within his bounds; and shall without delay notify such citizen of the said enrollment, by the proper non-commissioned Officer of the company, by whom such notice may be proved. That every citizen, so enrolled and notified, shall, within six months thereafter, provide himself with a good musket or firelock, a sufficient bayonet and belt, two spare flints, and a knapsack, a pouch, with a box therein, to contain not less than twenty four cartridges, suited to the bore of his musket or firelock, each cartridge to contain a proper quantity of power and ball; or with a good rifle, knapsack, shot-pouch, and power-horn, twenty balls suited to the bore of his rifle, and a quarter of a pound of powder; and shall appear so armed, accoutred and provided, when called out to exercise or into service, except, that when called out on company days to exercise only, he may appear without a knapsack. That the commissioned Officers shall severally be armed with a sword or hanger, and espontoon; and that from and after five years from the passing of this Act, all muskets from arming the militia as is herein required, shall be of bores sufficient for balls of the eighteenth part of a pound; and every citizen so enrolled, and providing himself with the arms, ammunition and accoutrements, required as aforesaid, shall hold the same exempted from all suits, distresses, executions or sales, for debt or for the payment of taxes."

Does anyone truly doubt that Amendment II to the U.S. Constitution establishes an individual right? Men were required to provide themselves with suitable arms under the Militia Act. The arms were not issued to the individuals, but purchased or otherwise acquired by each person. Common weapons that can be carried by a man in his hands, not artillery pieces.

You're so stupid. That was over 200 years ago.

The founders did not want a standing army. The militia - armed, free citizens defending their own property - were the first line of defense. When the muster was over, the militia would disband into individual citizens who returned - with their own arms - to their homes. Individual homes (and persons) were defended by the same weapons used to defend the Nation against invasion.

That's such an antiquated notion. Nobody is going to invade us today, and we have police and military people to defend us!

What about our border with Mexico? We are under perpetual invasion through our southern border. 911 takes time. The military takes even longer. And police have NO DUTY to protect you, only to respond to a crime in progress. A "crime in progress" could be you at the bad end of a stickup, or worse, a shooting like the recent events in Arizona.